We are designers, engineers, dreamers
    Zhicheng car, "wisdom" knows the sun and the sun. The sun is the foundation of yin and yang of all things. "Cheng" has been the unit of distance since ancient times. The brand implication of Zhicheng Auto Route Vision is the vision of a beautiful journey, which expresses that Changjiang Zhicheng Auto will accompany you, trek through thousands of mountains, and not be afraid of the road ahead; encourage young users to actively embrace the unknown front.
     Driven by the most IN elements of technology interaction, metaverse, e-sports, etc., Zhicheng Automobile injects innovative power into new energy vehicles and opens up another new track in the new power of car building.
    "Every step is worth it, every journey is red hot"!
     Zhicheng Automobile adopts the DAO organization form, and the whole-link blockchain technology locks and tracks - a real cloud factory! Users can use NFT to buy and pay for cars, and they can choose to deliver on Earth or Mars. Online digital cars can also be traded, three-dimensional interaction, multiple enjoyment, and harvest the future!
长江智程汽车-Route Vision